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    Account transaction codes

    Summary Valid transaction codes
    Maintainer Business Office, Information Technology
    Source Business Office

    A/R accounts - any transaction code that appears on any account must not be deleted from this table. Doing so will cause entries to be skipped or ignored when performing application of payment and from various reports.

    Financial Aid packaging (FA Source) - Only transaction codes identified as FA Source codes can be entered on the Financial Aid Package form. FA Source transactions are also limited during application of payment as described below.

    Application of payments (FA Eligible, FA Like Term) - For compliance with regulations specifying what types of charges financial aid can apply to. During application of payment, only entries with codes identified as FA Eligible can be payed from FA Source entries, and FA Like Term entries can only be payed from financial aid awarded for the same term.

    Fee assessment (Refundable) - Fee assessment will not credit entries with codes that don't identify them as refundable.

    Distribution - Every transaction code defined here must also have Distribution records; the feed to MIP will halt with an error if distribution data is missing.

    Affected By
    Values Entry type: (D) Debit, (C) Credit
    Requirements Codes in this table are used by the fee assessment process. If changes are required, the programatic portion of fee assessment must be updated concurrently or the fee assessment process will fail.


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