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MIP Interface

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    Accounting data for entries on student accounts is exported to MIP through an interface that considers each transaction code used in accounts receivable in terms of the MIP segment structure. The mapping from transaction code (combined with campus) to MIP chart of accounts segments is called the Distribution. Account entries are grouped together according to the Distribution, and journal vouchers are created that can be directly imported into MIP.

    Cashiering sessions are used to control the flow of data out to MIP. Each session must be individually released after it has been closed and cleared. The MIP Feed form is used to perform both tasks, releasing sessions and generating the actual data export.

    Each data export ("feed") contains a set of journal vouchers, and is identified by a unique session ID. The Feed Review report can be used to review student account transactions that were included in a feed, by session id and (optional) journal voucher.

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