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Account Search

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    LDAP account search

    Summary Allows searching for LDAP accounts by login, ID number, name, or UID. Accounts can be re-assigned to other people by changing the ID number associated with an account, and login can be altered.
    Maintainer Information Technology
    Source Information Technology
    Affects Student database, UNIX accounts, other services authenticated via LDAP
    Affected By  
    Requirements This form allows updates to accounts that should normally be avoided due to potential referential integrity issues. Update access to this form should therefore be limited to a minimal number of users who understand the potential implications described below.

    Access to forms in the student database is defined by login. If you change the login on an account that has been assigned permissions on the User Access form, that information will be lost.

    Verification that a new login is not already in use does not occur until the change is submitted.

    Changing a login that is used for an e-mail account will result in loss of any existing e-mail received under the prior account name.

    If the account has been used to establish a personal web site, a manual change of the home directory name, ownership, and permissions will be required if the login or UID is changed. The existing web content will become inaccessible until changes are made to make those items consistent with the updated information.


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