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Form Objects

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    Object access required by forms

    Summary Database objects and access available to forms
    Maintainer Information Technology
    Source Form developers
    Affects Form operation
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    The access and security defined on this form reflect the highest level of access that the form may require. User-specific security will further restrict, but never extend, this access.

    Omitting Insert access will prevent a form from allowing creation of new records.

    Omitting Delete access will disable all delete controls on a form.

    Omitting Update access will cause data to be provided to forms as read-only.

    An additional permission, execute, is required on some objects but not supported on this form. Those objects require configuration outside of the on-line environment.

    Value-level security can be used to limit the data from specific tables by adding value-based restrictions. Any column from a table may be compared to fixed values, or to the value defined by a Token such as IDENTITY (the of the current user). The Comparison used determines which of Value/Low or High are used. Most comparisons are performed between the column value and Value/Low or Token value. Value/Low and High are used only for comparisons that evaluate a range (such as Between). Checking Null indicates that, in addition to the values defined by a Token or Value/Low and High, a NULL is allowed for the column content; this is often required when using IN or NI (not in) comparisons that won't match a NULL value.

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