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User Access

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    User access to forms and form groups

    Summary Assigns form groups to database users, with overrides for specific forms where needed
    Maintainer Information Technology
    Source Information Technology
    Affected By Defined database users; user accounts are only available on this form after they have been created and configured with DB (database) service. This can be accomplished on either the Database User or LDAP Account forms.
    Requirements Users must have access defined here, in addition to having an active login and password. Lack of defined access will present users with an empty menu.

    A user's menu and access are defined by the combination of all assigned form groups. If multiple assigned form groups include the same form, the access provided will be the highest available.

    Individual form overrides can be used to add or remove access to specific forms. If none of select, insert, update, or delete are checked, the entered form will not be included in the user's menu.


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