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Award Batch

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    Manage batches of Financial Aid awards

    Summary Creates and manages batches of student Financial Aid awards
    Maintainer Financial Aid
    Source Financial Aid
    Affects Accounts Receivable
    Affected By Student, Transaction


    Students must have a current Student record before they may entered as award recipients

    The Transaction code assigned to the batch must be configured as an FA Source transaction


    The Batch Name is used to identify each batch, in combination with Term.

    Description is included in each student's account entry when posting awards to their accounts.

    Until the batch is released, individual awards may be added, modified, or removed without any affect on student accounts. After a batch is released, it can no longer be modified in any way.

    Releasing a batch simultaneously posts each award to a student account and creates a refund check request.

    Before releasing a batch, any pending changes to awards must be saved. This is to insure that correct amounts are credited to student accounts. If you attempt to release the batch with any pending changes to awards, the form will stop and request that you save the award changes first. To do so, clear the Release indicator, submit the form, then set the Release indicator and submit again.

    The Summary Report available onb this form lists each student with ID, name, campus, award amount, and the account sequence number the award was posted as (if available). A batch total is included.


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