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    Student data by term

    Summary Maintains per-term student records required for registration. Generates new student records based on prior-term data when appropriate.
    Maintainer Office of Admissions and Records
    Source Office of Admissions and Records
    Affects Registration, fee assessment, IDP report
    Affected By Prior term student records


    New student records will be created automatically for terms not currently defined for a student unless any of the following conditions exist:

    • Three terms (non-summer) without enrollment
    • The student has received a degree (re-admission is required)
    • The prior term's academic standing prevented registration, and a regular term hasn't passed without enrollment; academic suspension will revert to continued probation when appropriate
    • The student is on disciplinary suspension.

    Student Type is updated when new records are automatically generated.

    The Campus specified here is used to confirm the campus associated with Sections during Registration, and during Fee Assessment as the campus where revenue is directed.

    Rate, Meal Plan, and dormitory indicators are used by Fee Assessment. For non-residential campuses the meal plan should be left blank and the dormitory indicator unchecked.

    The combination of Degree and Major is used to determine the student's Degree Program, but will not fail validation if a defined program is not matched. For defined programs, the program term identifies the specific IDP to use for the student.

    The academic Standing override can be set to a value that allows registration when the calculated value would otherwise prohibit registration.


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