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    Course sections by term

    Summary Defines term- and campus-specific sections of courses. Used to create the schedule of courses for each term.
    Maintainer Office of Admissions and Records
    Source Office of Admissions and Records
    Affects Registration
    Affected By Instructors, Course catalog

    Maximum credits should be left blank unless the section is available with a range of credit hours.

    Start- and end-dates should be left blank if the section meets on the term's normal schedule. Only supply start- and end-dates for courses that meet for a limited time or outside of the normal academic calendar.

    If no grading modes are specified the section will be available Graded (A-F) only.

    Multiple instructors and meeting times can be specified when needed. All listed times are checked for time conflicts.

    Rooms are looked up using the campus assigned to the section. If the campus is changed, meeting times and instructors will need to be re-assigned.

    Instructor Load is specified as a percentage (0-100) and determines what percentage of this section's contact hours are attributed to each instructor assigned to the section. If only one instructor is teaching the section, load should be 100.

    Current enrollment is maintained automatically based on registration activity.


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