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Fee Assessment

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    Student tuition and fee assessment

    Summary Review and application of term fee assessment, by student.
    Maintainer Business Office
    Source Fee Assessment
    Affected By Registration, student record, term fees, course catalog


    Amount entered as Debit or Credit must be positive (negative amounts will automatically be shifted to opposing column); only one of Debit or Credit may be entered.

    Description defaults from the transaction code description, but may be changed when needed to better describe an account entry.


    Assessed tuition includes adjustments for staff and dependent rate students.

    Form shows result of a current fee assessment calculation with any change from entries currently on the student's account, by transaction code. Applying the current assessment (with the Apply Fees button) creates new entries reflecting any change in assessment. These new entries may be edited or deleted prior to submitting them.

    Note: The Calculated Term Tuition and Fees does not represent information recorded on a student's account! The information is a calculation that may be used to update an account, but is not automatically recorded. Also, changes to a student's registration will affect this calculation, but not the charges recorded on the account.

    Course fees are recorded with the subject and course number for which the fee is generated. Any future adjustments made through the Fee Assessment form attempt to match on this description, so it should not be changed.

    On student withdrawal from individual classes, refunds are calculated based on the withdraw date in the registration record.

    On complete withdrawal, refunds are calculated based on the latest withdraw date in registration records for the current term.

    Balances shown on form summarize only the balance from prior terms, and the balance of current term entries on the account; any future term balance is not represented.


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