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LDAP Services

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    LDAP records managed by the SIS in are organized by the type of service they support. Individual accounts are configured with a combination of these services, sharing the other information on the LDAP Account form.

    The combination of data used to construct each record is controlled on the LDAP Service form. Some typical combination of services are shown in this example:


    The LDAP Service form defines the service code (SV), description, and:

    The Organizational Unit where this data will appear in the LDAP database, with the configured Base DN appended; records in the first example would be placed under ou=ITS,dc=comfsm,dc=fm if the base DN was dc=comfsm,dc=fm.
    The method used to encrypt passwords for this service; to use any Hash type it must be enabled on the LDAP Hash form.
    Indicates whether new accounts should have this service added by default, when they are created on the LDAP Account form
    The security level associated with this service; services with limited access have a numerically larger security levels; this is used to limit updates of information on forms used to manage specific services (such as student e-mail accounts) for accounts that are configured with higher-level security services (such as database access)
    This controls the type of information gathered and added to the LDAP record when it's placed in the database; these are defined on the LDAP Object form but, more importantly, must be coded for in the server-side interface (LDAP.php)
    Address Type
    If an e-mail address should be automatically created and managed for the person when an account with this service is present, it's type should be specified here; these accounts appear on the Person form; note that these e-mail address records are not strongly linked to information in an LDAP record, and are managed on a per-person basis in the SIS database, not on a per-account basis like LDAP accounts
    E-Mail Domain
    The domain name that should be used to construct an e-mail address, when an Address Type is specified
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