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    LDAP authentication hashes

    Summary Password encryption techniques understood by LDAP integration code
    Maintainer Information Technology
    Source Information Technology
    Affects Services using LDAP for authentication
    Affected By
    Requirements Programatic code to encrypt a password must be created concurrently with any additional hash types specified here. See LDAP.php for currently supported types.

    An encrypted password will be stored in the database only when defined and enabled on this form.

    Clear-text passwords are not stored or available.

    Enabling a hash only affects password changes after the point in time when a hash is enabled. Because passwords are not stored in clear-text it is not possible to create additional hashes until the password is re-stated (it doesn't need changed, but does need to be supplied again).

    Most services authenticating via LDAP do not rely on a specific type of password encryption. Windows and Samba are an exception, however; if use of LDAP with Windows systems is anticipated, the Samba LM:NT password should be enabled.


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