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    Date Posted: September 19, 2012


    WHO         :    All COM-FSM National Faculty & Staff

    WHAT       :    General Assembly

    WHEN      :    September 21, 2012 (Friday), 1:00 - 2:00 PM

    WHERE   :    MITC Rooms 1 & 2, National Campus




    1. Open meeting
    2. Introductions of officers and NC at-large members
      1. Representation on Cabinet and Council of Chairs
      2. Treasurer's report
    3. Accreditation and what we have to do…
      1. Basic Course
      2. Committee Service
      3. Capacity training (Sandy Pond Associates)
      4. Working Groups
    4. Term of Reference to reflect changes in Communication and Governance policies
    5. Road Map for the next year…what we want to accomplish for the year
    6. Carry over issues from last year
      1. Summer pay for 2013
      2. Salary freeze 
      3. Special contracts/ overloads
      4. Hiring process for faculty/ staff
    7. NFSS Resolution No. 2010-01 - by the National Faculty Subcommittee of the COM-FSM Senate - Resolution to Expunge Provision 6, of the College of Micronesia-FSM Employment Contract, which reads: The College has no obligation upon completion of this contract to provide further employment. The College may, at its option, offer a new period of employment to the Employee, but a decision by the College not to offer a new employment contract may not be appealed.
    8. Inform faculty and staff about the wiki page (as a way to discuss issues/concerns)
    9. To begin a culture of constructive problem solving and not just problem “pointing out”
    10. Next meeting will be divided: one for faculty, another for staff (Next month)
    12. Close meeting




    Date Posted: April 24, 2012


    WHO         :    All COM-FSM Faculty

    WHAT       :    Senate Subcommittee Meeting

    WHEN      :    April 20, 2012 (Friday), 3:00 - 4:00 PM

    WHERE   :    MITC, National Campus




    CALL FOR A STRONGER SENATE  Proposed by Dr. Richard Womack (National Campus), via email

    • Quasi-Union Role - This means Faculty Senate makes our voice heard on pay-hours--loads-conditions--step increases etc.--instructor evaluations.-contracts and such.
    • Protector of Academic integrity, good teaching and, therefore, the importance of curriculum integrity and good teaching to student learning
    • Elect Representatives Committed to Meeting and Leading the Group – There ought to be faculty who will offer themselves as available and willing to serve, declaring their intention to run for the senate. At present, senate representatives are nominated and elected, and those whose get the highest votes are asked if they would accept (or decline) the position.



    • How long the Proposed Pay Freeze i.e., no step increase in coming fiscal year(s) will continue? The time duration of proposed pay freeze?  – From Prof. Latika Raisinghani, Faculty Representative (Kosrae Campus), via senate wiki
    • We just had a restructuring process that was supposed to raise the salary of instructors, then all of a sudden, we have a freeze that we know nothing about its rationale.  If the freeze is predicated on the loss of the $700,000 that JEMCO cut, and we now know that FSM Congress will give us this money back, will the freeze still be in effect? – From Prof. Robert Yangerluo, Faculty Representative (Yap Campus), via email
    • Regarding the handling of this issue: The pay freeze impacted all employees but the way they sneak it into the cabinet agenda was unacceptable.  Such issue should be deliberated by the Planning Council where representatives will talk to their constituents and the final version sent to the cabinet.  The timing was bad.  The Salary issue was discussed beginning of summer when faculty were away. – From Prof. Faustino Yarofaisug (National Campus), via email




    • What would be the faculty compensation during this Summer 2012? Will the additional 20% given last Summer i.e., during Summer 2011 be continued/ increased?  – From Prof. Latika Raisinghani, Faculty Representative (Kosrae Campus), via senate wiki




    • How the faculty loads will be counted in coming semesters: on the basis of course credits or contact hours?  – From Prof. Latika Raisinghani, Faculty Representative (Kosrae Campus), via senate wiki



    • Prof. Dana Lee Ling (National Campus) shared a comment via senate wiki:  The Senate has always been uniquely inclusive. I was always proud that everyone is a member of the Senate. The only person treated differently is the president who is a non-voting member. Or at least that is the way it was. I thought that was a strength of the senate - not an "us versus them" body but simply a "we" the college.




    • REDUCING THE COLLEGE SPENDING HABITS (EXPENDITURES)  – From Prof. Debra Perman (Pohnpei Campus), c/o Faculty Representative Phyllis Silbanuz, via email
      • By requiring only (1) representative to attend off-island trainings rather than an individual per campus. Ex. Annual Financial Aid Workshops, PIALA, etc. Upon return, representative (attendee) should be required to hold a training or share information system-wide just the same way we conduct our committee meetings or disseminate information.
      • By reducing the number of attendees to quarterly BOR meetings; the agenda should be reviewed for relevance of attendance. There should only be one VP accompanying the President and Directors and Chairs should be optional.
      • Cease spending sprees at the end of each fiscal year. Better financial or budget guidelines should be practiced and enforced.
    • Excessive Food sometimes served at cafeteria From a Faculty (National Campus), via Faculty Representative
      • Cafeteria is supposed be run like a business. If it incurs losses, funds will be needed, and these funds will have to come from other budgets. Faculty salary is frozen as part of COM?s cost-cutting measure; the cafeteria should also try to cut its costs.


    MANAGEMENT REVIEW AND ASSESSMENT  – From Prof. Debra Perman (Pohnpei Campus), c/o Faculty Representative Phyllis Silbanuz, via email

    • Faculty, staff, and students should be given the opportunity to evaluate the administrators of the College.


    TRANSPARENCY ISSUES  – From Prof. Debra Perman (Pohnpei Campus), c/o Faculty Representative Phyllis Silbanuz, via email

    • All College travels should be publicized and source of financing included.
    • In times of budget review, valid justifications should be provided when cuts are made and affected offices or divisions should be consulted prior to any cutting is done.


    SLOW ACTION FROM HR OFFICE  – From Prof. Robert Yangerluo, Faculty Representative (Yap Campus), via email

    • Contracts for Instructors and may also be applied to staff as well. It's been the practice that HR requests documents to be furnished immediately from applicants but when they receive, it takes very long for the process to complete, so potential hires (don’t) know whether they are hired or not. The process should be mutual. If you want something fast from us, then you must also give us results fast.


    HIGHER LIMIT ON RETIREMENT FUND’S LOANABLE AMOUNT – From Prof. Joseph Felix, Jr. (National Campus), via Faculty Representative

    • Currently the amount one can borrow from the retirement fund is up to 50%, while in other places the amount that can be borrowed could be up to 80%. There is a request to increase the amount that faculty or staff can borrow from the fund up to 80%.


    COMMUNICATION ISSUE  – From Prof. Monica Rivera (National Campus), via email

    • I'd like to know what the protocol is for handing student disciplinary actions, both immediate and follow-up.  What options do instructors have when a drunk, high or disruptive student refuses to leave the classroom?  There are no telephones in the classroom, so how can we contact security?  To whom should we report disciplinary problems and how can we follow-up on the outcomes?



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    WHAT       :    Senate Meeting

    WHEN      :    February 26, 2012 (Thursday), 2:00 - 3:00 PM

    WHERE   :    BOR Conference Room, National Campus


    AGENDA :


    Old Business: 

    1. Revision of Senate By-Laws
    2. Past Minutes/Treasurer’s reports

    New Business: 

    1. Salaries: 
    • Full-time faculty salaries: No step increase in 2013 budget; to be paid by number of credits or by number of contact hours?
    • Part-Time Instructor’s salary
    • Summer Instructor’s salary
    1. Other issues
    • Tuition waiver policy changes (See attachment Policy 003 below)
    • Loanable amount from retirement fund
    • Effect of PELL's 67% passing requirement on faculty teaching
    • Purpose of the Senate’s Fund

    3.   Communication:

    • Senate wiki page
    • LRC as repository for all committee and senate minutes  


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