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Catalog & Schedule

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    Courses that can be offered by COM-FSM must be defined with basic information such as subject, course number, title, and number of credit hours. This information, along with information on course fees comprises the catalog. It will normally consist of course definitions that appear in the current General Catalog, and any changes that have been approved after publication.

    Courses are identified by a unique combination of subject and course number.

    A schedule is a set of courses that are being taught during a specific term. The schedule is comprised of sections that each includes information on where a course meets (campus and classroom), who the instructor is, and how many students are allowed to enroll. A schedule refers to the complete set of sections defined for each term.

    Sections are identified by a unique combination of term, subject, course number, and section number. 

    The following forms are used in the COM-FSM SIS to manage the catalog and schedule:

    The following reports based on catalog and schedule data are available:


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