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    Course and requisite data

    Summary Defines courses that comprise the course catalog
    Maintainer Office of Admissions and Records
    Source Office of Admissions and Records
    Affects Class schedule
    Affected By  
    Values Requisite type: (C) Co-requisite, (P) Pre-requisite


    Courses to be listed as co- or pre-requistes must exist in the catalog prior to entry in the Course Requisites block (courses are validated when entered, so they must exist).


    Maximum credits and maximum contact hours should be left blank unless the course is offered with a range of credit hours.

    Level is used to identify the category of students this course is intended for and does not limit the availability of the course when creating sections for the class schedule or when registering students. It is used primarily for data analysis.

    Co- and pre-requisites can be combined in and/or arrangements by specifying a common OR Grp (any text value) for those that should be evaluated as a group with OR. Entries without an OR Grp are evaluated with AND. For example a course with pre-requisites of MS 095, and either SC 100 or CA 100 would be entered with MS 095 (no OR Grp value), SC 100 (OR Grp A), and CA 100 (OR Grp A).

    Pre-requisites can specifiy a Grade if something other than a passing grade is required (the default if no Grade is specified). The entered grade is compared to completed coursework using its corresponding Quality Points value (from the Grade validation form); this means, for example, that grades of C and C- are treated the same if they have the same Quality Point values.


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