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    The oldest available copy of the bylaws was one that was last updated on October 22, 2007.

    In 2012, an attempt to revise these bylaws resulted in comments and suggestions posted to the senate wiki, but no actual revision took place.

    During the last quarter of 2013, Facuty/Staff Senate President Ross Perkins formed a working group to draft the revision of the senate bylaws. The group was headed by Professor Ringlen Ringlen as chair, with Director Francisco Mendiola and Professor Rafael Pulmano as members.

    The first draft revision, completed on November 13, 2013, was posted by Ross on Google Documents (see Many of the comments and suggestions posted to the wiki in 2012 were incorporated in this draft.

    The working group continued to meet in 2014 and released a second revised draft on January 9, based on comments and suggestions sent by Alton Higashi.

    Additional comments and suggestions were received by the group, this time from Norma Edwin. The third revised draft, completed on April 14, 2014, contains those comments and suggestions and were uploaded to the senate wiki and April 29, 2014 had been targeted to vote to ratify the bylaws.

    However, such voting had been postponed upon receipt of further comments from Dr. Monty Vierra of Languages & Literature Division, seeking clarification (and volunteering suggestions) regarding Article I (Membership). As a result, a new version of the bylaws dated April 29, 2014 was uploaded to the wiki, with the changes explained in the comments section below the affected wiki page.

    This is the version that is being presented to the faculty and staff of COM-FSM for ratification.


    Below are links to the different versions of the senate bylaws. The most recent version is listed first. 

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