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On Part-Time Faculty Salary

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    This one was sent by Totoa Currie (Pohnpei Campus) via email on 5/1/2012


    Dear Rafael,

    Thank you for this information informing us of your meeting with the President.  I do have a concern as a part-time instructor.  I taught and build a program (Agriculture and Food Technology) at Pohnpei Campus for 4 consecutive years as a part-time instructor.  Along building the AFT, I recruit, retain, write grants, write course outline, put on committees that I refuse to do it or serve, advisor, put together book order, arrange instructors for AFT, make arrangement for field trips for other instructor and coordinate the program.  My salary has not change since the past four years even in the summer.

    By saying this I was wondering if part-time instructor would./should be given the same privilege as the full time instructor?

    If you don't mind asking the question for me.



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