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Emergency Management Team

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    Team participants

    VPA Joe Habuchmai, VPIEQA Frankie Harriss, VPSSA Joey Oducado, VPCRE Jim Currie, Director of Maintenance Francisco Mendiola, Chief of Security Warren Ching, Comptroller Danny Dumantay, Projects Manager Alfred Olter, Director Student Life Morehna Rettin-Santos.


    El Niño fires of early 1998 at the national campus.


    Alfred Olter on fire duty Beating with fire with a rake Fire! 13 Feb 98 Pwisehn Malek moonscape 09 Feb 98 Across the access road from COM Ground macro near Pwisehn Malek Result of fire seen below. Across the road from COM 09 Feb 98 The savannah-like drying grasslands of Pohnpei Fire across from COM-FSM Campus on 04 Feb 98 El Niño: The drought times

    Pohnpei 98

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