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    Most of the data entered on forms in the COM-FSM SIS are codes defined elsewhere in the database. When a code is entered it is verified to be one that is defined and understood. This process is referred to as validation, and is used to maintain consistent information throughout the database.

    The information used for validation (verifying that each entered code is correct) is defined in validation tables, collections of information that describe each possible code along with a description or definition.


    Name Module Describes
    Address Type Common E-Mail and postal addresses
    Admission Type Student Admission Type
    Basis A/R Methods used to assess or refund tuition and fees
    Building Student Buildings, by campus
    Campus Student Campuses in the COM-FSM system
    Chart A/R Chart of accounts from MIP (includes Fund, Campus, Division, GL, and Performance tables)
    CIP Student Classification of Instruction Program codes, for IPEDS
    City Common Frequently used city names
    Class Student Student class (e.g. freshman, sophomore)
    Class Rule Student Credit hours required for each class, by level 
    Cohort Student Cohort group codes
    Comparison Common Comparison operators
    Country Common Country codes
    Course Equivalents Student Course equivalencies for requisite or repeat checking
    Date Format Common Date display formats
    Degree Student Degree codes
    Department Student Academic department codes
    Ethnicity Common Ethnicity codes
    Fees A/R Fee codes for charges calculated by fee assessment
    Grade Student Grade codes and values
    Grade Rule Student Rules for determining grade to record in academic history
    Grading Mode Student Grading modes
    Hold Types Common Hold Types
    IDP Group Type Student Individual Degree Program group types and priorities
    Language Common Language codes
    LDAP Hash Common LDAP authentication hashes
    LDAP Object Common LDAP objectClass codes
    LDAP Service Common LDAP service configuration
    Level Student Level codes
    Major Student Major codes for fields of study
    Meal Plan A/R Meal plan codes
    Module Common Database modules
    Municipality Common Municipality names
    Rate A/R Fee assessment rate codes
    Reason Student Academic history grade change reason codes
    Refund Schedule A/R Refund schedule codes
    Refund Type A/R Refund type codes
    Registration Status Student Registration status codes
    Requirement Student Admission application requirement codes
    Room Student Room codes
    School Student High schools and colleges
    Section Status Student Section status codes
    Standing Student Academic standing codes and restrictions
    State Common State codes
    Student Type Student Student type codes
    Subject Student Subject codes
    Term Student Term codes and configuration
    Test Student Codes for standardized tests
    Test Equivalents Student Test score/course equivalencies
    Token Common Data-level security codes
    Transaction A/R Account transaction codes
    UNIX Group Common UNIX group names and ids
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