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[C] 2013 March 01

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    Minutes of Chuuk Campus Faculty and Staff Meeting

    Date: 3/1/2013


    Issues and Concerns:


    • Easter Holiday Schedule
    • Founding Day and Cultural Day Schedule/Plans
    • Student Information Data (C. Oliveros & L. Sipenuk)
    • Teacher-Student Time Management Plan
    • Don’t Care” Students: What Do We Do?
    • FSS By-Laws
    • Participatory Governance Policy 


    [NOTE: Since this is a continuation of today’s agenda, all faculty/staff members are reminded to attend the March 8 meeting, to retain the agenda and documents from today’s meeting, and to bring their individual packets for further elaboration/training by Maika and Wilson.] 


    Please see Chuuk Campus Faculty Staff/Senate Meeting Minutes - 3.1.2013 for details.

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