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2010 October 20

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    National Campus Staff/Faculty Senate


    October 20, 2010

    Present: Faustino Yarofaisug (President), Susan Moses (Faculty at-large), Ruthy Lebehn (Treasurer), Mariana Ben Dereas (Secretary), and Salpasr Tilfas (Staff at-large)


    Open 1:15pm, National Campus President’s Conference Room


    1. Review Agenda of meeting –
      1. Hear from faculty and staff rep concerns/issues.
      2. Need to schedule a regular meeting so President will have concerns reported during Cabinet
    2. meetings. Minutes Reviewed –
      1. Moved for adoption, adopted with no changes.
    3. Report from Representatives –
      1. Faculty At-Large:
        1. Faculty senate sub-committee met a week ago and will have another meeting when Sue comes back from Chuuk.
          1. In sub-committee meeting, consensus that there is a need to change the Terms of References; especially the size of the committee and chairmanship. It was agreed that each faculty rep on committees will take this concern to their perspective Standing Committees.
      2. Staff At-Large:
        1. Staff senate sub-committee has not yet met, Salpasr came and observed first meeting of faculty sub-committee and will call for a staff meeting. Waiting on list from Mariana to organize meeting.
        2. Old business: concern from staff regarding Special Contract.
    4. Bank of FSM –
      1. Account of Senate now on Dormant status – no transaction since September 2008.
      2. Secretary needs to go and reactivate account before new signatories can sign on account.
        1. New signatories are President (Faustino), Treasurer (Ruthy) and Secretary (Mariana)
      3. Gene Ashby cash from funeral was counted total of $342.07 (cash has been in the COM-FSM save since his memorial service). Amount will be deposited into his scholarship.


    Meeting Adjourned 3:30pm


    Submitted by:

    Mariana Ben Dereas

    National Campus Staff/Faculty Secretary

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