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2011 August 22

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    Minutes of

    Faculty Staff/Senate Meeting (National Campus Representatives)

    August 22, 2011 | 4:00-4:55 PM | New Faculty Building, National Campus


    Members Present

    Mariana Ben Dereas (Senate Secretary - Outgoing), Resida Keller, Frankie Harriss, Rafael Pulmano, Ketiner Kenneth, Reedson Abraham, Joseph Saimon


    Agenda/Major Topics of Discussion:

    I.  Old Business

    1.  None

    II.  New Business

    1.  Election of Officers - National

    2.  Faculty/Staff Representatives from Other Campuses


    Discussion of Agenda/Information Sharing:


    I.  Old Business

    1. None


    II.  New Business


    1. Election of Officers

    1. Background Information
      1.  On August 8, 2011, Senate Outgoing President Faustino Yarofaisug formally announced to the College community the names of our new officers for this school year, which are as follows: 1.Joseph Saimon 2.Reedson Abraham 3.Ketiner Kenneth 4.Rafael Pulmano 5.Resida Keller 6.Frankie Harriss
      2. On August 9, 2011, Faustino sent an email to Keller and Pulmano asking the two when would be an appropriate time that week for the new representatives to meet and elect their officers.
      3. On August 16, 2011, Faustino sent out an email message to former senate officers, asking if it would be possible to meet with the new officers soon for the purpose of helping these new officers in their election, giving them a brief orientation, and turning over reports and bank account.
      4. It was finally agreed that the organizational meeting would be held on August 22, 2011, Monday, 4:00 PM, at the new Faculty Lounge.
    2. Election Results
      1. The results of the election are as follows:
        1. President – Resida Keller
        2. Vice-President – Reedson Abraham
        3. Secretary – Rafael Pulmano
        4. Treasurer – Ketiner Kenneth
        5. Faculty-At-Large Representative – Frankie Harriss
        6. Staff-At-Large Representative – Joseph Saimon


    1. Faculty/Staff Representatives from Other Campusesa. Newly-elected president, Resida Keller, announced that the first order of business for the group is to contact state campus directors and inform them that:
      1. We have elected officers and we need their representatives so that we can announce this to the college community.
      2. The only reason why we elected officers from among the National campus reps is so that we may have better representation in Cabinet meetings which occur here at National campus.
      3. We need contact information for their staff and faculty reps so that we can send emails/information to them.


    The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 PM.






    College-wide announcement of the August 22, 2011 election results at the National Campus was put on hold until word was received from the state campuses on who their reps would be. It wasn’t until October 18, 2011 that an email announcement was sent to the all campus representatives, followed by a formal announcement to the entire college community thru our college web site, as a news release, in early November (See College Web Site Links above).


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