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2010 September 03

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    National Campus Staff/Faculty Senate


    September 3, 2010


    Present:  Faustino Yarofaisug (President), Susan Moses (Faculty at-large), Ruthy Lebehn (Treasurer), Mariana Ben Dereas (Secretary), and Debra Perman (Pohnpei Campus Rep.)


    Open 3:10pm, National Campus Board Conference Room


    1. Re-evaluation of the Faculty Summer contracts.
      1. Currently based on part-time salary scale, however, faculties propose that it is revisited to give incentive to teach during summer. Current compensation is too low for summer session; aside from teaching there is an expectation for faculty to also participate in committee work and advising. Compensations need to reflect this.
    2. Committee assignments need to be announced early during the fall semester so that communication between the Senate sub-committees and representatives of each Standing Committee can be shared early on the semester.
    3. Concern from Pohnpei Campus:
      1. The campus being closed down.
      2. Merge to National campus, many will lose jobs.
      3. No discussion of what other option – just to go with recommendations from Job Audit.
      4. That Pohnpei Campus will be a vocational campus but what will happen to those taking Gen. Ed courses?
      5. Will bring a petition to Presidential Retreat that will indicate their stand to the recommendation of Job Audit.
      6. Question: Is the decision to follow recommendation of Job Audit based on cost or just to eliminate a campus?
        1. Comments from National Campus Staff/Faculty Rep.
          1. We don’t want to take sides; however, we see the issue as Lack of Communication between Administration and the members of the College.
          2. The Senate wants to foster transparency in the administration.
            1. The administration is obligated to create a culture where people (staff/faculty/students/stakeholders) feel that they are being heard.
    4. Special Contracts
      1. There is a need to revisit the policy on Special Contracts because the College has been violating its own policy by having people such as those in Security on Special Contract for more than 1 year. Questions the integrity of the College Policies.
        1. This needs to be addressed in the Personnel Committee which the representatives will bring up in the next meeting.


    Meeting Adjourned 4:15pm


    Submitted by:

    Mariana Ben Dereas

    National Campus Staff/Faculty Secretary



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