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[C] 2013 May 08

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    Minutes of Chuuk Faculty/Staff Senate Meeting held on Wednesday, 05/08/13    


    Members Present: 8 faculty and 7 staff (recorded by sign-up sheet)
    Absent (excused/unexcused): 


    Faculty: Remy Acosta, Roger Arnold, Edson Asito, Ben Bambo, Herner Braiel, Atkin Buliche, Rick Chiwi, Kersweet Eria, Danie Mamangon, Miuty Nokar, Lolita Ragus, Peter Roesler, Alivios William, Tente Ygana.
    Staff: Mike Abbe, Sosiro Adolif, Ben Akkin, Kalvin Assito, Marylene Bisalen, Caren Enlet, Kind Kanto, Yosko Kim, Jayleen Kokis, Tandy Marar, Marie Mori-Pitiol, Nariano Narios, Merly Nelson, Yvonne Pangelinan, Macleen Remit, Lucille Sain, Birikita Siver, Adauo Tom, Memorina Yesiki.

    [NOTE: The overwhelming majority of absences was unexcused an extreme lack of faculty/staff involvement in campus affairs.] 


    Agenda / Major Topics of Discussion

    I. Call to Order (with opening prayer)
    II. Minutes of Previous Meeting (03/08/13)

    Discussion on Agenda / Major Topics of Discussion

    1. Call to Order: by SSC Maika Tuala, with opening prayer by Switer Eter.

    2. Minutes of the previous meeting 04/12/13 were approved, as distributed and circulated by e-mail on

      Monday 05/06/13.

    3. Announcement:

      A Administration: None.
      B. Instruction: None.
      C. Student Services: Maika announced that 25 students will march in the graduation ceremonies, to be

      held Wednesday, May 22, beginning 10:00 am at the FSM Supreme Court building. D. CRE: None.

    4. Old Business:

    A Mentor Time Management Project: Maika asked all project mentors to submit their students’ folders

    as soon as possible. Folder data will be collated and analyzed. The SSC Office will submit a report

    in the next few weeks.

    B. Faculty Summer Contracts 2013: Recording Secretary circulated the final draft pay plan for faculty

    summer contracts. He added that final pay plan schedule will be approved this week by the Board of

    Regents. Dean Kind Kanto will report on BOR decision by next week. V. New Business:

    A. FSS By-Laws: FSS members were asked if they were familiar with the existing FSS by-laws, and almost all responded negatively. Maika explained that they are on the COM-FSM homepage wiki. 1. Members requested that distribution on FSS matters be more widely circulated. One concern, of

    course, was members’ lack of awareness of the by-laws. They asked for additional distribution to all faculty/staff through the e-mail system using such addresses as “Chuuk site”. This kind of e- mail distribution to all state campuses will improve communications networking in the system.

    2. Another related concern was lack of information on agenda/minutes from the Palikir/National Campus FSS meetings. They want such information transmitted by e-mail to Chuuk Site.

    3. CONSENSUS: That the Palikir/National Campus FSS (i.e., Ross Perkins and other officers) transmit pertinent information through e-mail.


    Next Meeting: to be announced.

    Hand-Outs / Documents Referenced:
    Minutes of FSS meeting 04/12/13
    Final draft of faculty summer contract pay plan 2013

    Prepared by: Alton Higashi Date distributed: Friday, May 10, 2013

    Summary Decisions / Recommendations / Action Steps / Motions with Timeline/Responsibilities

    • Mentors: Submit students’ folders on the Time Management Project this week Alton: Complete the two tasks related to the FSS by-laws by next week

    Kind: Inform Palikir/National Campus FSS of the two names (Mariano and Alton) 

    1. Discussion focused on two related issues. The first was the revision of the present FSS by-laws which Palikir/National Campus follows and claims that they apply to all faculty/staff in the COM-FSM system. Ross Perkins has advised that they be revised for use during the upcoming school year 2013-2014. No specific deadline has been imposed on completion of revision activi- ties; however, Ross has requested input from state campuses. Alton explained that, a few years ago, he submitted suggestions/recommendations to Palikir – to no avail.

    2. CONSENSUS: That Alton submit to the Dean/IC/SSC his revisions and that, if they are re- viewed and approved by the three administrators, the by-laws suggestions/recommendations be forwarded to Ross for review this summer as part of the system-wide effort to revise the present FSS by-laws.

    3. The second issue was the possibility of Chuuk Campus’ having its own set of FSS by-laws in order to establish an auxiliary branch of the system-wide FSS. It would still be part of the sys- tem-wide FSS but serve as an autonomous branch of the system-wide FSS.

    4. CONSENSUS: That Alton draft such by-laws and submit it to our own FSS for review and revi- sion this summer – so that a final version may be transmitted to Palikir in August/September.

    1. Participatory Governance Policy: Alton explained that, in the past few months, he requested from Ross Perkins a copy of such policy and received no response. In other words, there was no ac- knowledgment of receipt of e-mail message from Alton to Ross.

      1. Alton added that, by reviewing the BOR’s agenda this week, he learned that this item is to be


      2. Kind, upon his return from Pohnpei, will be requested to inform Chuuk’s FSS members on BOR

        action this week.

    2. Election of New Officers (2013-2014)

      1. Maika explained that, according to the present FSS by-laws, FSS officers serve one-year terms. Alton added that last year Dean Kind had received nominations from Chuuk Campus faculty/staff for two representatives whose names would be forwarded to the Palikir/National Campus FSS, and that the two – Maika Tuala (staff) and Alton Higashi (faculty) – would also serve as Chuuk Campus’ FSS chairman and secretary, respectively.

      2. Discussion focused on a similar protocol – to nominate candidates for chairman and for secretary, upon which FSS members would vote, and to submit the majority vote-getters’ names to Dean Kind for information transmittal as both (a) the two representatives of Chuuk Campus to the Palikir/National Campus FSS, and (b) as chairman and secretary of the Chuuk Campus FSS – to serve during the upcoming school year 2013-2014.

      3. Maika opened the floor for nominations. Nominated for chairman were Mariano Marcus and Wilson Bisalen, and nominated for secretary were Alton Higashi and Deva Senarathgoda. Once nominations were closed, voting commenced. Majority votes were garnered by Mariano as chairman and by Alton as secretary.

      4. Mariano and Alton will commence FSS duties and responsibilities, beginning with the next FSS meeting in Chuuk. 

    III. Announcements IV. Old Business*

    V. New Business** VI. Adjournment


    Issues and Concerns

    * Mentor Time Management Project Faculty Summer Contract Pay Plan

    ** FSS By-Laws
    Participatory Governance Policy Election of New Officers (2013-2014) 

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