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    Grade codes

    Summary Valid Grade codes and definitions of how each grade affects GPA and progress.
    Maintainer Office of Admissions and Records
    Source Office of Admissions and Records
    Affects Academic history
    Affected By  

    Effective Term indicates the term when a specific configuration goes into effect for a given grade. The term "0000.0" should be used to indicate the earliest term possible. A record remains in effect until another record with a later term for the same grade code is present.

    Codes marked Available can be entered on forms.

    QP (Quality Points) assigns the point value for the grade used during computation of GPA.

    Grade codes with GPA checked are used when calculating GPA; this only affects the calculated GPA hours, quality points, and GPA. Other calculations related to the GPA (earned hours, etc.) are not affected by the GPA indicator.

    The four checkboxes for EA (earned), AT (attempted), EN (enrolled), and CO (completed) determine whether the credit hours for each section with this grade are included in each total. The intended interpretation of these is:

    Attempted - Graded (A-F) courses enrolled in
    Earned    - Graded (A-F) courses passed
    Enrolled  - All courses enrolled in
    Completed - All courses passed

    Repeat checking impacts how credits are tabulated in academic history. A repeated section (taken again and receiving a better grade) is not used when tabulating a term's earned hours, and not used for cumulative GPA values of earned hours, completed hours, GPA hours, quality points, and GPA.


    For each term, a specific set of grade codes and configurations will be available, based on Effective Term.

    If use of a grade is discontinued, a record should be created with an EffTerm (effective term) of the term when the grade is no longer valid, and have Available unchecked. Records containing the discontinued grade definition must not be deleted; doing so would prevent GPA calculation from occurring for students who have the grade present in their academic history.

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