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    There are 5 vendors bidding for this 

    IT Office has informed me that Topher Konsulting and Pacific Technology in Hawaii as meeting minimum specifications.  


    1. Progressive Computer Services, INC. - Off-island

    2. MicroPC - On-island

    3. Topher Konsulting Service

    4.Pacifc Technology



    1. One proforma for the 2 orders 

    2. One proforma for the 2 orders

    3. Two proformas for the 2 orders - Estimate107/ Estimate 108

    4. Two proformas for the 2 orders - 321121/ 321122




    The others did not have the right battery model/type. Please use the information provided to vote on this page to which of the 2 vendors, Topher Konsulting or

    Pacific Technology in Hawaii.  The other vendors are provided for your information.


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