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ID System Purchase

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    The IT Director has communicated a letter to the committee for feedback on a purchase of which it is prepared to move forward on. It is inviting our committee to review the purchase and add comments prior to its submission to the president.

    The purchase is for an ID system that will integrate with our database and creating possibilities for the college. Our current ID's are a mere photo ID. With the proposed system, not only are we adding security to the cards, but the intention is to expand its capability to perhaps using the cards for printing, meal purchases, book store purchases, and etc to name a few possibilities.

    The proposed ID system is a full package for all campuses (FMI not include and covered under Yap Campus). They include the software, printer and supplies, and cameras all fully integrated to each other. The underlying reason is the software's ability to connect with our database system. The previous solution did not. The IT Office has taken about a year researching other possibilities and has settled on this brand and vendor based on the quality of product, the colleges ability to easily work with the vendor based in Hawaii, connectivity of software to our system, and the reasonable cost of the product(s).

    Please send your thoughts and comments by February 04, 2014.

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