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Q & A from Committee to IT Director

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    The following information are questions are from the Committee meeting of October 28, 2014. Concerned and questions were brought up from members of the committee that required clarification from the IT Director. The questions are pasted below followed by the answers of the IT Director.

    In addtion, additional questions were brought to the ICT chair's attention from the chair of FCE. Technology related questions were asked at FCE's community meetings with students at each campus. Those questions were forward to ICT, and then presented to the IT Director. Those questions and answers are also below.


    Questions to IT Director from 10/28/2014 Committee Meeting


    Chuuk Campus:

    There is a need for a Lab monitor for the computer lab. Is this something

    that IT is in charge of?

    The lab monitor issue at Chuuk campus is a good idea, but lab monitors are hired under instructional affairs, and are considered instructional aid personnel, not IT.  This is not something IT is in charge of.



    Is there policy on the use of computers to patrons of the Library who are not College affiliated?

    COM-FSM libraries are open to the public, the computers in those facilities are also open to the public, however Our students and instructors have priority.  COM-FSM policies must be observed, and usage must be limited to research and academic purposes.


    Pohnpei Campus:

    Faculty are concerned that since Cooper Etse left the College he has not been replaced. They find that Winter is being overwhelmed and service is lacking.

    The position has been approved for refilling by Cabinet and is currently being advertised.


    National Campus:

    LRC- Concerns over the usage of social media by LRC patrons on their laptops. They regulate the use of social media in their lab, however complaining that wireless patron slowing down internet for them all.

    At the National campus, the amount of slowdown caused by wireless users of the COM-FSM network is minimal, less than 1/4 of total usage at any time is wireless users.  The perception is incorrect according to IT usage logs. Wired users far outweigh wireless users in terms of load on the network.



    Similar issue with LRC on the use of social media, and the slowness of internet when it comes to performing academic work.

    Internet issues are complex, IT continuously monitors and makes adjustments as needed and as they occur and change.  It is a moving target, and it is dealt with as best possible as conditions change daily.   Further upgrades and adjustments are a constant.  COM-FSM National currently has the highest data rates of any institution in the FSM



    Attempting to call all the numbers of the National campus is always busy in the morning, and folks can’t get through

    National has a truncated bundle of 12 available phone lines leased from FSMTC. When one line is busy, the call is rerouted to an available line in that bundle.   When all lines are in use, the caller will get a busy signal.


    From FCE community meetings with students


    Chuuk campus:

    Intercom between buildings for communication

    Internet is too slow

    Student computers need replacement


    We intend to replace the chuuk campus system with a pbx system that is capable of intercoms within campus. Internet in Chuuk state is slow, and it is a problem.  COM-FSM Chuuk campus has the highest adsl link available from FSMTC.  As conditions change, and FSMTC has more to options to offer for chuuk campus, IT will make adjustments.  Meanwhile, we will continue to control usage usage that is detrimental to the network in chuuk overall, such as P2P file sharing over the internet etc.  The computers at Chuuk campus computer labs are 3 and 1 years old, some of the newest we have available.


    Pohnpei campus:

    Students cannot complete assignments during the day due to slow Internet


    Pohnpei campus has a very high online population compared to all other COM-FSM state campuses.  Changes have been made recently to limit the number of unauthorized wifi users, as well as multiple account usage.  Currently, the highest available adsl connectivity offered by FSMTC is in use at the campus,  we are improving a new server room and changing the infrastructure we have at the campus to try and make possible improved data services from FSMTC.


    National campus:

    Not enough computers for student use on campus.

    Bookstore does not stock sufficient lap top computers to meet demand.


    It is COM-FSM policy to maintain a 10/1 computer ratio.  National campus exceeds that ratio more so than any other campus.  We have also greatly expanded our wireless availability, and most of our students now come to school with their own personal computing device.  Since available room for computer labs is limited, and we meet our 10/1 ratio, we will continue to expand and improve our wireless capability to have enough connected access for students. 


    Bookstore purchases are not under IT.

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