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    [This communication was sent out via email by the Chair  to ALL ICT members on 8/22/2016 at 12:22PM.]


    Consider this an online meeting.

    The IT Director, Gordon Segal, in a communication below is seeking the committee's endorsement for a purchase to turn over three labs at the Pohnpei Campus.

    Attached you will find all the documents pertaining to the lab purchase. All submitted quotes for the purchase are attached for your viewing. Per the attached document titled "Minutes 2016 Pohnpei Lab", minutes of a meeting in the selection of a vendor are outlined. Per that same memo IT has selected Micronesian Computer Services (MCS) as the vendor.

    Please reply to this email with an "aye" or a "nay" to cast your vote on endorsement for this purchase. I will tally the votes and communicate to you and the IT Director the outcome.

    Please cast your vote as soon as you can. Voting will close by Wednesday 8/24/2016 at 5PM.

    Background on Purchase:

    Further details from the IT office on this purchase includes the need to turn over three computer labs at Pohnpei Campus. This would be the Electronics Lab, Electrical Lab, and the Main Lab. I inquired why some of these computers are 32-bit and some are 64-bit. They have informed the committee that the 32-bit computers are required in order to support the NIDA software used for instruction my the programs at Pohnpei Campus.

    They also inform the committee that the vendor was selected based not only on fair price, but also meeting the required specifications which are outlined in the attached document titles "2016 Pohnpei Lab memo to ICT".



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