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    Committee members Tech. Policy Terms of Reference
    Monica Rivera      
    Cooper Etse      
    Nelchor Permitez   Section 1-3,13 Section A-B
    Gardner Edgar      
    Dennis Gearhart      
    Peter Pedrus      
    Mason Tihpen      
    Edper Castro   Section 4-6 Section C-D
    Rafael Pulmano      
    Darsy Augustine      
    Phyllis Silvanuz      
    Roger Arnold      
    Shaun Suliol   Section 7-9,14 Section E-F
    Jake Sohlith      
    Kenson Santos      
    Alvin Sinem      
    Alan Alosima      
    Pius Mirey   Section 10-12, 15 Section G-H
    Renton Isaac      
    George Mangonon      
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