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    WELCOME to the wiki pages of the Faculty/Staff Senate of  the College of Micronesia-FSM.

    The Senate serves as a forum to discuss and debate new and existing policies or issues affecting the College, especially faculty and staff. Its members include all COM-FSM employees, whether full-time or part-time, with the exception of the President.

    As members of this Senate, you are all enouraged to visit and check this wiki from time to time and actively get involved by browsing through the minutes, reports, resolutions, and other information to be uploaded here, posting your comments, asking questions, raising relevant issues, offering suggestions, and participating in online discussions.

    An asterisk symbol before each page title or link, for example, *Senate Bylaws, indicates that you are invited or enjoined to participate in discussions and share your comments and suggestions .

    You may also bring your concerns to the Senate's attention by contacting your campus representatives, or by sending your email to





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