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Student Success Committee

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    Welcome to the Student Success Commitee Page!

    Members for AY 2023-2024 are as follows:


    Chairperson (CC) Wilson Bisalen
    Vice Chairperson (KC) Skipper Ittu
    Secretary (YC) Monalisa Layan
    Ex-Officio (Acting Director of Student Life) Loatis Seneres
    CC Faculty Rep Miuty Nokar
    CC Faculty Rep Ben Bambo Sr.
    CTEC Faculty Rep Tendy Liwy
    CTEC Faculty Rep Jocelyn Pretrick
    CTEC Faculty Rep Amy S. J. Santiago
    CTEC Staff Sra Mackwelung
    CTEC Staff Beverly Ilemanglish
    CTEC Staff (Student Services) Rihter Hellan
    CTEC Staff (Student Services) Cindy Edwin
    FMI Staff (Student Services) Rufus Yaisolug
    FMI Faculty Telava Tofinga
    FMI Faculty Tony Igeral
    KC Faculty Rep Rosalinda Bueno
    KC Faculty Rep. Debrum Melander
    KC Staff Rep. Student Services Coordinator Eileen Nena
    NC Student Services Julia Martin
    NC Student Services Benina Ilon
    NC Faculty Jothy John
    NC Faculty Mike Ioanis
    NC Staff (Admin. Services) Sinobu Lebehen
    YC Faculty Rep. Delphina Giyetinag
    SBA Officer (President, Chuuk Campus) Kymo S.K.S. Roby
    SBA Officer (CTEC) TBD
    SBA Officer (FMI) TBD
    SBA Officer (Kosrae) TBD
    SBA Officer (Yap Campus) Jamee Fathaal
    SBA Officer (National Campus) Vince Perman
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