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    1. 1. Faculty
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    A list of active faculty is consulted when assigning instructors to sections in the class schedule, and advisors to students. This information can then be collected to determine the workload assigned with each faculty member's teaching, or produce advisee lists.


    To define a faculty member they must first exist as a person in the database, with a name and ID number. The Name and ID form can be used to create their ID number after, of course, verifying that they don't already exist in the database.

    The Instructor form is used to define someone as a faculty member. The form's key value is the ID number of the instructor (as with all ID fields, you can enter the ID number directly or use part of their last name or ID number to locate them). Each instructor is associated with a campus and a department. Neither of these values restricts sections to which they may be assigned; they are used strictly for reporting purposes. The indicator that an instructor is Active must be checked to allow assignment to sections.

    The bottom section of the form can be used to review the sections an instructor is assigned to teach, by term.

    The Instructor List form can also be used to define instructors, or to search for instructors by name, campus, or department. The information maintained on both forms is the same.


    Advisee List

    A list of advisees can be generated with the Advisee List report. It can be limited to a specific advisor, term, or campus.

    Instructor Load

    The Instructor Course Load report summarizes each instructors teaching-related work load, by term. It collects information on what sections each instructor is assigned to and calculates a corresponding workload based on the percentage of load assigned and the contact hours defined for each course.


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