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Course Catalog

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    1. 1. Courses
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    The course catalog describes all of the courses that can be offered at the college. It manages basic information such as course title and credit hours, and related information such as course fees and co- or pre-requisites. The class schedule is constructed using information from the course catalog.

    Courses are identified by a combination of Subject and course number. The course number is typically a three-digit number, but sometimes contains an additional character to identify specific types of courses. Lab courses, for example, may have course numbers like "140L" for a lab that is taught with a "140" course.


    The Course form is used to manage course records which include:

    • Title - The short title of the course
    • Description - The full course description from the catalog
    • Credit hours - This can be a range of credits hours (between a minimum and maximum) if the course can be offered for variable credits; if the course is offered for a fixed number of credits, only the Minimum credits should be specified and Maximum left blank; when sections of a course a created, the credits for the section must fall within the range specified for the course
    • Contact hours - This can also be a range of hours when appropriate; contact hours are used when calculating Instructor Workload
    • Level - Used primarily for reporting purposes, this specifies the level of students the course is designed for, e.g. development, certificate, associate; it does not restrict registration in any way.

    The Course form also includes pre- and co-requisite information to specify courses that need to be completed prior to enrollment in this course, or those that must be taken concurrently. Requisites are other courses in the catalog, specified by subject and course number, and must exist prior to being entered.

    Course Fees

    Information on course fees is also part of the catalog, and is defined on the Course Fees form. Fees are specified with a Transaction code, amount, and Basis (how the total fee should be calculated). Valid basis codes on this form are (O) Per Course, and (C) Per Credit.

    Course fee information is used by fee assessment processes to determine what course-specific fees should be charged to students.

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