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Financial Aid

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    Table of contents
    1. 1. Batch Posting
    2. 2. Student Awards

    Student financial isn't packaged in this database, but awards are based on academic information contained here, and awards are posted to student accounts once they have been determined.

    Batch Posting

    Each term's financial aid awards for students can be posted to their A/R accounts in batches based on the type of award and any other required grouping. The Award Batch form organizes these batches by a user-assigned Batch Name. The Transaction code for the award (e.g. PELL or SEOG) and a description are entered, followed by a list of students (by ID number) and their individual award amounts. The form keeps a running total for the batch, and has a Release control that indicates when the batch should be released to student accounts. When released, each award is posted to a student account and a refund request added to a Check Batch for possible printing of a refund check if needed.

    Student Awards

    A summary of a student's posted and pending awards is available on the Award Summary form. Any awards from batches that have been posted are listed (with a total amount), followed by any awards pending release. A portion of their student record is shown, along with a summary of the student's account activity for the term.


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