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Curriculum Committee

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    Current members for 2019-2020;

     Chair (Language and Literature Rep.) Kasiano Paul (NC)
     Vice Chair (ANRM Rep) Vacant (as of October 07, 2019)
     Secretary (CIS&BU Program Rep) Cindy Marie Edwin (NC)
    AAS T & T Rep Gardner Edgar
    CTEC HTM/CoA Bus. (HTM Rep) Debra Perman
    CoA T & T Rep Charles Aiseam
    CC Rep (All programs) Lynn Sipenuk
    CC Rep (All porgrams) Alton Higashi
    KC Rep (All programs) Sharon Oviedo
    FMI Rep (All programs) Tioti Teburea
    YC Rep (All porgrams) Joy Guarin
    KC Staff Rep (All programs) Vacant
    NC Faculty (Education program rep) Susan Moses
    NC Faculty (Public Health and Nursing Rep) Robert Spegal
    NC Faculty (Marine Science Rep) Vacant
    CTEC ACE Program Currently vacant
    CTEC Faculty Currently vacant
    Micronesian Studies & Trial Counseling Vacant
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