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Curriculum Committee

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    Welcome to the Curriculm and Assessment Committee (CAC) wiki page.

    The current members are:




    Susan Moses

    Vice Chairperson

    Joseph Felix Jr.


    Debra Perman

    “Ex-Officio Member”      Director, DAP

    Maria Dison

    Chuuk Campus  Instructional Coordinator -Acting

    Sr. Erencia Saipweirik 

    Chuuk Campus Faculty Rep

    Lynn Sipenuk 

    Chuuk Campus Faculty Rep

    Alton Higashi 

    FMI Campus

    Matthias Ewarmai

    Kosrae Campus

    Nena Mike

    Kosrae Campus

    Sharon Oviedo

    Nat’l Campus Math & Science Division Chair

    Peltin Olter Pelep

    Nat’l Campus Public Health Division Chair

    Paul Dacanay

    Nat’l Campus Lang. /Lit. Division

    Resida Keller

    Nat’l Campus Social Science Division Chair

    Delihna Ehmes

    Nat’l Campus Education Division Chair

    Sylvia Henry

    PNI Campus Trade & Technology Chair

    Gardner Edgar

    Pohnpei Campus Faculty Rep.

    Charles Aiseam

    Pohnpei Campus Faculty Rep.

    Shirley Jano

    Pohnpei Campus Instructional Coordinator

    Maria Dison

    Yap Campus Instructional Coordinator

    Denise Oen

    Yap Campus Faculty Rep.

    Joy Guarin

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