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Course Equivalents

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    Course equivalencies

    Summary Defines course numbers (subject and course) that are considered equivalent to courses defined in the course catalog. The equivalency can apply to course requisites (useful during registration) or for repeat checking in academic history.
    Maintainer Office of Admissions and Records
    Source Office of Admissions and Records
    Affects Registration, academic history
    Affected By Course catalog


    Subject and Course are not validated

    Courses from academic history used to satisfy requisites will only be considered when the final grade counts as "Completed."

    Operation Records used for requisite checks will treat records from academic history matching subject and course equivalent to "as" subject and course when evaluating pre-requisites during registration. This can be used to satisfy pre-requisites using higher-level courses; students that completed EN 110 would no longer need ESL 089, for example, if EN 110 was defined as equivalent to ESL 089 for requisite checks.


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