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Grade Rule

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    Rules for determining grades to record in academic history

    Summary Rules that determine which grades can be assigned when recording mid-term and final grades, and map instructor-assigned grades to values to be recorded in academic history, based on grading mode.
    Maintainer Office of Admissions and Records
    Source Office of Admissions and Records
    Affects Academic history
    Affected By Grading modes

    GR RLike is an SQL regular expression pattern used to match the instructor assigned grade. The expression must match the entire grade value (the expression is implicitly placed between ^ and $ characters, start and end of value, when used). Complete documentation of the regular expression syntax available can be found in the MySQL Reference Manual: Regular Expressions. Commonly used patterns for grading might include:


    matches any single character between the letter A and F


    matches zero or one characters from the set + and -



    GR Final can be blank, causing the instructor-assigned grade to be recorded unchanged in academic history

    Any combination of grading mode and grade that doesn't match a defined rule will cause the instructor-assigned grade to be recorded unchanged in academic history. This could reasonably be regarded as an error, however, as entry of a grade not matching a rule should not be possible.

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