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UNIX Group

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    UNIX group names and ids

    Summary UNIX group ID and description for commonly assigned groups
    Maintainer Information Technology
    Source Information Technology
    Affects UNIX accounts
    Affected By Most UNIX systems have a file that defines this information, typically /etc/group. Group names and ids present in that file should match values in this table, but additional groups can be created on this form without adding them to /etc/group.


    The UNIX Account form uses the default group "users" with id 100.

    The group code is used as the cn for an LDAP group and must have a syntax valid for that application.


    Groups marked Internal represent UNIX groups whose members are determined automatically based on information collected from the student database, e.g. student or instructor records. Internal groups should not be removed from the UNIX Group table.

    When managing an account's groups (e.g. on the LDAP Account form) deletion of an internal group may be reversed the next time automatic group memberships are checked. Account groups can be disabled; this status is not affected by the automatic group assignment process.

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