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    Registering students each term requires that a few items be configured overall, and places some requirements on student records. The schedule of classes for the term must also be present prior to registration although changes to sections is possible, and new sections may be added at any time.


    Two critical items that need configured are in the Term record.

    The Allow Reg indicator needs checked to allow registration to occur for the current term. This indicator is used to prevent registration activity from happening outside of a normal time frame. This helps prevent accidental use of the wrong term, for example.

    Start- and End-Date also need verified. These two dates are used when checking for time conflicts (as the default start- and end-date for all Sections not specifying alternate dates) and by Fee Assessment to calculate refunds.


    Each student who wishes to register must have a Student record for the registration term. That record must contain an academic Standing (or override) that allows registration.


    Finally, no Holds that prevent registration can be present for the student. Until these are cleared, registration won't be allowed.


    Two forms can be used to register students for classes. One is organized by student; the other is section-oriented and allows batch registration of students if you're working from a class list.

    Student Registration

    The Registration form is used to register individual students for their selected classes.

    The key values for this form are ID and Term. After entering an ID number, the Term select list will contain all defined student terms, those for which student records exists. If the current term isn't listed, the Student form must be used to create a new record. Note: If you leave the Registration form open while creating the new student record, you'll need to reset the form and re-enter the ID number to update the list of available terms.

    The form displays a summary of the current student record to allow verification of key items with the student. Their campus, meal plan, and dormitory settings affect registration and fee assessment, and should be reviewed in particular.

    Any issues that prevent registration are listed in the box on the right side of the Student Data block. Any of the above conditions that prevent registration (registration not allowed for term, academic standing restrictions, holds) will be displayed. The remainder of the form will be disabled if any of these conditions are present.

    In the Registration block, Sections are identified by subject, course number, and section number. The combination of subject and course number is validated against the Course Catalog; an entered subject and course number may pass validation even though no sections of the course are defined for the registration term.

    After a valid subject and course number have been entered, the section field will suggest a list of matching sections, displaying section number, title, campus, and section status. You can pick a section from this list, or manually enter the section number. Campus, current and maximum enrollment, credit hours and the default grading mode will be filled in from the section defaults after a section is identified.

    Credit hours can be adjusted if the section allows for variable hours; the entered value must be within the range defined as valid for the section. Grading Mode can be set to any value defined as available for the section.

    Registration Status controls the student's registration for the section. Possible values include:

    • RE - Registered
    • DR - Dropped; no longer enrolled, but maintains record of registration having occured
    • CA - Cancelled; section was cancelled
    • WD - Withdraw; records "W" as final grade
    • WL - Withdraw Late; records "F" as final grade

    WD and WL require a W/D Date to be set; if one is not supplied the current date will be supplied when the registration data is saved.

    Registration Checks

    Entering sections that have co-requisites will automatically add the co-requisite in an available record; this is to aid in building a complete registration for the student. It is still necessary to identity an available section and specify a registration status for the co-requisite.

    The campus associated with each section must match the student's campus, or an override will be required. This is verified when the section number is entered, and you'll be prompted to override or cancel the registration if they don't match.

    If registration would exceed a section enrollment limit, an override will be required.

    Submitting the student's registration data triggers the following verification and actions to be performed:

    • Time conflict checking; sections that have time conflicts will have the registration status changed to dropped
    • Pre-requisite checking; warnings of missing pre-requisites will be displayed (no change to registration occurs)
    • Enrollment limit checking; if other students have registered and the enrollment limit reached (and the override is not set) the registration status will be changed to dropped
    Section Registration

    The Section Registration form is useful when working from a section or class list, rather than a specific student's schedule.

    The form's key block contains term, and the subject, course number, and section number required to identify a specific section. ID numbers for students are entered in the Enrolled Students block.

    After each ID is entered, default values for credit hours and grading mode will be displayed. These can be modified as described above. A Registration Status needs to be specified for each student.

    When the form is submitted the following verification and actions are performed:

    • Each student is verified to have a current term student record; students lacking this record will have their registration status changed to dropped
    • Time conflict checking; students that have time conflicts will have their registration status changed to dropped

    Section enrollment limit, pre- and co-requisite checks are not performed. Enrollment information in the Section Data block is updated when the form is submitted, and will reflect any over-enrollment that has occurred.


    All registration forms prohibit modification of registration records after final grades have been assigned, or after sections have been rolled into academic history.

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