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Program Assessment Summaries

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    The following are draft versions of the Program Assessment Summaries (PAS) for AY12-13:

    Math and Science Division, Division Chair: Kathy Hayes

    Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (AS)        

    LA/HCOP (AA)

    Marine Science (AS)


    Business Division, Division Chair: Joseph Felix Jr.

    Computer Information Systems (AS)

    Accounting (3rd Year)

    Business Administration (AS)               


    Languages and Literature, Division Chair: Resida Keller

    Liberal Arts (AA)


    Health Sciences, Division Chair: Paul Dacanay

    Public Health (AS)

    Nursing (AS)

    Public Health (3rd Year)

    Nursing Assistant (CA)

    Public Health (CA)


    Social Science Division, Division Chair: Delihna Ehmes

    Micronesian Studies (AA)

    Trial Counselors (CA)


    Education Division, Division Chair: Magdalena Hallers

    Teacher Preparation - Elementary (3rd Year) (Sue Moses)

    Pre-Teacher Preparation (AA)


    Vocational Division, Division Chair: Gardner Edgar

    Building Technology (AAS)          

    Electronics Technology (AAS)

    Telecommunication (AAS)

    Cabinet Making (CA)

    Carpentry (CA)

    Construction Electricity (CA)

    Electronic Engineering Technology (CA)

    Motor Vehicle Mechanics (CA)

    Refrigeration and Air Condition (CA)

    Building Maintenance & Repair (CA)


    Pohnpei/ Kosrae Campus-Maria Dison

    Agriculture and Food Technology (CA)


    Business Division (Pohnpei, Debra Perman)

    Hospitality and Tourism Management (AS)

    Bookkeeping (CA)(also at Chuuk campus)

    Secretarial Science (CA) (also at Chuuk campus)

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